Ksenija Berk

Nova Gorica, Slovenia


Ksenija Berk, M. A., is a Ph. D. student at the department of Intercultural Studies, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. In 2005 she received her M. A. in Historical Anthropology of Visual Arts at ISH – Ljubljana, Postgraduate School of the Humanities. She works as independent theorist and critic, especially in the fields of Visual Arts and Design. She is frequent contributor to Slovenian daily newspapers and other magazines, as well as to scientific journals in the fields of Visual Arts and Humanities. In 2005, her paper TV Viewer as a Collateral Victim of Information War Terror became a part of the Virtual Memorial Project against Forgetting and for Humanity at Agricola de Cologne. Professional associate and consultant in several art and design projects, a member of Slovenian Society of Aesthetics. Currently in a process of curating exhibitions in contemporary photography, architectural spatial interventions and conceptual art.